Executive and Leadership Development

Executive leadership requires a myriad of business and interpersonal skills; the latter, commonly referred to as “soft” skills are the hardest skills to execute. As the modern global landscape evolves, so must your organization’s leadership approach. 

Strategic learning and development initiatives that are built with leadership in mind, offer organizations the opportunity to harness cross-cultural and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion applications to develop Global Competence within your enterprise, whether expanding internationally or targeting new internal growth opportunities.

At Naficy Consulting Group we approach leadership in a variety of ways based on client needs:

New leadership programs:

Naficy Consulting works with you to develop bespoke executive leadership development approaches. Our solutions include assessment of existing skills and developmental needs, training, coaching and e-learning options to support your development objectives. We can also help you develop internal mentoring programs to leverage your internal knowledge and help high potentials develop their talent.

Global leaders: 

Having leadership that are culturally agile sets the foundation for success on a global scale. Global Competence is best described as:  “Having flexible, respectful attitudes, including self-perspective, and applying knowledge of the historical, geographic, and societal factors that influence cultures in order to effectively interact and build relationships with people around the world.” (Global Competence Associates)

Understanding cultural communication and workstyle preferences allows global leaders to meet objectives in a timely manner and engage employees in ways that enhance engagement and collaboration.

Supporting unique needs: In the ever-changing global market, leaders are constantly being challenged by new situations and opportunities. If you’re a global leader that needs a new way at looking at your role and responsibilities, or if you feel you need coaching to meet your own unique challenges, let us help! Champions know that coaching is an indispensable part of becoming the best. Naficy Consulting matches each leader with the right coach, ensuring a good fit for the best outcomes.

We also use a variety of assessment tools, that have been qualified by research, to identify areas for development.

Being a leader is more than just making the right decisions, your employees and colleagues look to leadership to guide them into a future that incorporates all opportunities available. Our leadership development initiatives comprehend the importance of versatile leadership and are ready to help build a solid foundation that incorporates all aspects of working globally.