Global Mobility Solutions

After working in the Global Relocation industry for over 20 years, as well as in the health and productivity sector, we know what assignees need to thrive in a new environment, both professionally, and as importantly, personally. A strategic approach to how your organization supports the assignee, family, and the local business is paramount to your global success.

International Assignments are notably costly and failure to meet business objectives is not uncommon. At minimum your international assignee program should include the following suite of services.

Intercultural Training & Coaching builds bridges beyond the business realm. Strategically-minded executives across industries understand the need to develop cultural agility and intercultural understanding. Leaders and organizations that arm their transferees and their teams with the skills to communicate and work across cultures, build consensus, drive change, and prosper in international business.

Intercultural solutions include:

Language Training is a vital component of an organization’s global mobility strategy. It is a natural partner to cultural training providing your transferee with the opportunity for greater insight and understanding. In addition, language acquisition shows a significant commitment to the host culture and community, regardless of level of fluency.

Language Acquisition enables global leaders to connect deeper with colleagues, suppliers, and business partners. Moreover, families also benefit from learning the host language as it mitigates a significant obstacle to their adaptation, allowing for a smoother and more successful assignment. Ultimately, it saves costs in the long run since language barriers can be an obstacle to performance, and assignment success.

Language Training can be provided in a variety of ways, virtual, in person, or even via e-learning.  A blended learning approach with both e-learning and instructor led training can offer the best outcomes. Instructor led training, shether virtual or in person, can be provided pre-departure or post-arrival via:

Destination Services: the complexity of international relocation can be daunting.  Naficy Consulting can take care of the many challenges and logistical needs of moving to a new country. Support services include:

RFP Assistance: If you do not have the relocation company/services to support the logistical needs of relocation, or if you do not have reliable local business providers, Naficy Consulting provides Request for Proposal assistance to find the ideal supply partners to support your globally mobile workforce.

Don’t let the logistics of your relocation slow you down. Naficy Consulting has the experience and qualified on-the-ground resources and connections to simplify your employees’ relocations.